Online businesses need a solid digital marketing strategy to thrive. Without it, online businesses cannot flourish and reach their goals. However, as there is much marketing-orientated software, tools, and platforms, choosing an ideal one that fits your needs and wants is challenging.

To make your business attract more audience, and earn higher revenue, you need an all-in-one online marketing platform. Such software is present in the market. It is known as is one of the leading marketing platforms which has helped thousands of online entrepreneurs.

Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about the review. Review: What is and how does it work?

As mentioned earlier, is an all-in-one marketing platform. It has revolutionized the world of digital marketing.

The way that these software works is that it allows you to build your sales funnels. For those of you who do not know, the sales funnel is a tool that lets you see how your prospects are turning into leads.

In short, it is a visual representation of the steps that your customers take until they complete a purchase. Sales tool is one of the primary tools that you identify what is wrong with your business model.

And how you can improve it. Sales funnels also help online business owners to make better decisions related to their business.

In addition to this, is also a tool that lets you send emails and more. consists of numerous features, which help salespeople to effectively target their audience. Review: Features of

There are numerous features of Some of the most popular and effective ones are specified below.

  1. Funnel builder

One of the primary features of is that it helps you build a reliable sales funnel. Unlike other marketing platforms, is an easy-to-understand software.

You can create your sales funnel within minutes using All of this helps you save time and reduce effort.

There are several built-in templates that make building a sales funnel easier. All of the templates are professional, which helps you to turn your prospect into potential customers.

Other than that, also consists of a drag and drop editor, which helps you to effectively update or edit your pages.

In addition to this, also helps you to automate your sales funnel steps. Furthermore, also helps you build A/B tests in minutes. By building A/B steps, you can improve the user experience, and earn higher revenue.

Hence, if you want a perfect and seamless sales funnel builder, you can try using

  1. Email marketing

In addition to being a perfect sales funnel builder, is also an ideal marketing platform. With, you can send unlimited emails to your business contacts, or potential customers.

Sending regular emails helps your business to gain visibility, and turn your potential customers into high-quality leads.

Furthermore, you can also schedule your email. It means you can choose a time when you would like to send an email to your customers.

And it would be delivered automatically. One of the most fascinating features of is that it also helps you create aesthetically pleasing emails. consists of a seamless drag and drop email builder. Through this builder, you can add text, headings, create bullets, and content boxes.

Other than that, you can also add images, videos, and even audios to generate high-quality leads. With you can effectively engage your customers with uniquely designed emails, earn higher conversions.

Nevertheless, you can also classify your customers into different groups, and send each group different emails. You can also choose a specific column layout for your email design.

You can also put trackers on your email. These trackers help you view whether your email has been opened by your customers or not.

All of these features help you to boost your sales and earn a higher revenue in a short period. Hence, if you want to automate your emails, then make sure to visit

  1. Website builder

Another splendid feature of is that by using it you can quickly create professional and high-quality websites without coding.

Hence, a person from a non-tech background can create smooth and functional websites using has tons of built-in templates which are guaranteed to attract your audience, and build engagement. The more engagement, the more likely you are able to boost your sales. 

In addition to this, also supports integrations. Therefore, you can integrate your email list, payment site, and more on your website.

Doing this helps you effectively manage things that can help your business flourish. You can also edit the content on your website to attract more audiences at once.

Moreover, you can also customize your website pages through its drag and drop editor, and save time.

With features like these, you can easily build numerous websites, including a membership site.

  1. Membership and courses

As mentioned above, you can also create a fully functional membership website with You can also effectively manage its content.

One of the most difficult things after building a membership website is to manage the content.

It means you must choose which content should be delivered to which members of your website.

All this seems impossible, right? Guess what? You are wrong! With you can easily integrate the payment platform and membership website to effective content delivery.

Furthermore, also has an in-built course builder, which lets you create, and sell your courses. You can also host your courses on

Other than that, you can also put YouTube links, and links from other websites to This is beneficial if you have courses residing somewhere else, and want to integrate with

All of this could help you to enhance the visibility of your courses, and earn more revenue.

Moreover, you could also customize your course page with the built-in editor. You can change the layout of the page, or add subtle colors to make your lesson pages visually pleasing.

Customizing your lessons page, helps you improve the engagement rate, and turn prospects into leads.

  1. Contact management is one of the convenient contact management platforms as well. With you can completely identify what customers are generally interested in your product.

With, you can also view an entire record of your contact’s history, and even the location from where they signed to your email list.

With’s contact management feature, you can have better insights into your customers. Then using these valuable insights, you can make modifications to your product or take necessary steps to ensure that you attract more customers.

In short, is an effective data management tool, which helps you to effectively manage your business contacts and customers.

Hence, if you want to manage your customers’ data, make sure to check out, and be worry-free. Review: Benefits of

There are numerous benefits of The most effective ones are specified below.

  • Helps you create awareness of your brand

One of the primary benefits of is that it helps you create awareness related to your brand. With, you can successfully host webinars or web conferences to engage with your audience.

Webinars are one of the essential marketing tools, which help you bring a varied group of people. Sometimes these people can play a major role in promoting your business.

Other than that, webinars also give you a chance of establishing your authority. People have numerous questions about a product or service and are attracted to the ones that provide solutions.

By conducting webinars through, you can provide your customers with valuable information and insights. All of which can help you to effectively turn your potential customers into leads.

Moreover, by conducting webinars through, you can also learn about the thoughts of your audience.

Hence, a webinar gives you the opportunity to understand your audience better and know what they want. With all of this, you can tailor your product or services according to the majority of customers and boost your revenue.

Therefore, if you want a reliable webinar hosting platform, you can visit

  • Encourages your customers to sell your product

Another benefit of using is that it helps you to target a wider set of audiences. has a built-in affiliate management system. It means that every subscriber of your email list gets an affiliated link.

Therefore, by sharing this link, your people can earn a commission by sharing this link. This encourages your customers to share the info about your product with their friends and family members.

Hence, all of this ensures that your product gains more visibility. For this reason, you are also able to earn more profit in a short period.

  • Blogging

Another one of the major benefits of using as a marketing platform is you can create high-quality engaging blogs. Engaging blogs build engagement, and as mentioned the more the engagement, the more you are able to boost your sales.

Moreover, creating engaging blogs also helps your website to be on the top results of a search engine. As a result, you are able to get more organic traffic and make convert your business into a brand.

Hence, to create high-quality blogs, make sure to visit

  • User friendly dashboard

With, you can view how many new leads you have generated, and the total number of sales. You can also view whether your sales are in profit, or whether in the loss.

Moreover, the dashboard is user-friendly which requires no technical expertise. Hence, if you want to analyze the performance of your business, make sure to check out

  • Become a drop shipper

With, you can list your products on your websites, including based websites, and sell them. Before, becoming a drop shipper has never been so easy.

  • Saves time

As helps you to automate all your marketing processes, you can save your precious time and effort.

You can then put your saved time into something more important, and do something more productive. Hence, if you are tired of manually overseeing all your marketing tasks, make sure to check Review: Pros and Cons


  • Perfect for non-tech-savvy – It is perfect for non-tech-savvy people as it eliminates the coding factor as mentioned in this review.
  • Suitable platform to deliver your lessons – As you can create, and host your lectures using, can without any inconvenience deliver your lessons. You can learn more about creating lessons by reading the above review.
  • Saves time – Several built-in templates, and drag and drop interface saves time. Also, as mentioned in this review, the automation process makes marketing your product much easier
  • All-in-one tool – As mentioned in this review, it is an all-in-one tool. It means you do not have to spend on any other marketing tools. Hence, using makes sure that you save your money, and put it in your business.
  • Easy money – helps you earn profit from your online courses easily.
  • Sales funnel – As mentioned above in this review, you can create a professional sales funnel. It helps you ensure that you take the right steps to attract more audience. All this also helps you to effectively sell your product.
  • Easy communication – With review, teachers can easily communicate with their students on their website.
  • Visibility – With, small business owners can reach a wider audience, gain visibility. Hence, with this review, small business owners can make a name for themselves in the competitive market.


  • Limited templates
  • Sometimes integrations can take time. However, integrations are reliable and secure.
  • Limited resources and training about how to use the software. But the platform is easy to user-friendly, so it is not big of an issue. Review: Pricing structure is a cost-effective marketing platform. The pricing structure of is specified below. Review: Free plan

This plan is free and consists of numerous features. Review: Startup plan

The cost of this plan is $27/mo., which includes more features than the free plan. Review: Webinar plan

The cost of this plan is $47/mo., which includes more features than the startup plan. This plan is perfect for small to mid-sized businesses. Review: Enterprise plan

The cost of this plan is $97/mo., which includes more features than the Webinar plan. This plan is perfect for enterprises and organizations.


The above-specified are is comprehensive review. Make sure to read this review to learn everything about