Many people consider the 2020s the era of the cloud. Organizations, instead of storing their data, and important documents and files, are making more use of cloud storage because of the surprising benefits it has provided them within a plethora of domains.

The past few years have seen a rise in several companies and brands that provide cloud storage, and most of them are doing surprisingly well. However, there are some privacy concerns made by many people.

One of the organizations that are emerging in the market is If you are looking for a cloud-storage service on the internet, you may have come across it too.

We will give a detailed analysis of this service, so you can compare it with others and decide for yourself if this service is worth buying or not.

What is Review & How Does it Work?

Talking about review, it is a cloud-storage service that was established by a group of enthusiasts a decade (2011) ago. There were some other cloud-storage services then too, but the concept of individual privacy and data protection was not the norm.

However, as revolutionary as it can be, the creators of wanted to provide all this under the philosophy that one individual’s data is something private to them, and therefore a storage service must respect this privacy.

The Working of Review

There is no rocket science in the working of In fact, it works like any other cloud storage service, with some minor differences and additional facilities that make it stand in a league of its own. Here’s how this service works in general:

  • In the first step, you have to sign up to You will have to add your email, a password of your choice, and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Once you verify your email, you get 5 GB of storage space for free, and you can store any file you want as long as it’s under 5 GB.
  • If you think 5 GB is too little for you, you can upgrade by choosing a plan in the pricing option.
  • You can perform additional tasks and get another GB of extra space.
  • You can access your files any time you want from the cloud and share it with anyone else. They do not need a sync account.

As you can see, the usage of is pretty basic, and even a person that lacks knowledge of using computers or cloud storage can perform all the tasks easily. It is important to discuss this point in Review.

Features to discuss in Review

Again, if you are already aware of what cloud storage is, the basic features of would already be obvious to you.

Along with that, there are some additional features that you may not know of, and that may or may not be present in other cloud-storage services.

We will discuss both of such features so everyone can get a general idea from Review as a service:

Additional Data Vault is Provided

At times, it may not be feasible to store a part of your data or some files on the cloud completely. For that, provides you with a data vault that is aside from sync’s cloud storage.

This vault can be used as backup storage in case something goes wrong on your end, or if you want to update that set of your files regularly. In the latter case, it may a bad idea to store on the cloud due to processing issues.

Has a Desktop & Mobile App Too

Although there is no proper support for the Linux operating system, you have a desktop application and mobile application for Through those applications, you can easily access your files and share them with the people of your choice.

With the desktop application, you get all the features of searching right on your computer (without using the browser), and you can ever recover the data you’ve lost. As for mobile applications, they are available for both IOS and Android. You can’t ignore this point talking about Review.

Audits of Usage by Different Users

If you are using the enterprise version of the application, the software provides you with detailed audits of all the user activity on the sync interface.

This reduces the chances of illegal and unacceptable activity, like deleting important files, clearing the vault and cloud storage, tampering with the data, or attempting to corrupt the files.

Do note that this is completely separate from user privacy, as all the people are from within the same organization, which leaves no place for external interference.

Referral Programs for Increasing Storage

If you look at it logically, you could say that the storage capacity of is technically unlimited. That’s because this application provides you with a bunch of referral programs every now and then, and with the completion of each referral program, you get 1 GB of additional storage absolutely free.

If you keep at the referral programs indefinitely, you will have an unlimited amount of storage for yourself.

Benefits to know for Review

For anyone who is looking for a reason to prefer over other cloud-storing services, this is the section for you.

The benefits of spread far and wide in various domains, some of which are present in other services too, but most of which are unique to Sync, and Sync only. We shall discuss them one by one in detail with our Review.

No Sync Employee Can Access Your Files

The core aim of has always been respecting user privacy and their data, therefore, it’s only just for us to discuss it from the get-go.

Do note that other cloud-storage organizations like Google have in their terms and conditions the privilege to access the files of users and go through their content for supposedly “security” reasons.

However, is end-to-end encrypted so absolutely no one can look at your data or the files you have saved, even the employees and owners of

Outstanding Service at Cheap Rates

Compared to several other lesser-known and few other well-known cloud-storage services, is quite cheap. In other words, you have maximum data privacy at the minimum rates, and this is exactly what anyone would look for in the optimal service.

If you find that your current package is too little, you can simply get another package by adding in a few more dollars. Premium versions are also available that provide you with customized rates (as will be discussed in the pricing section).

Very Easy-to-Maneuver User Interface

Along with its advanced features, compatibility, and smoothness, the interface is pretty simple too. All the options are clearly labeled, and every feature is available to the user right in front of their eyes.

That means anyone who uses this application will have a little searching to do, and they will automatically realize what must be done if they have to perform some tasks.

This is an ideal feature for people who are too young or too old of age, or people that do not have the proper understanding of how the internet works. It is important to discuss this in Review.

Can Be Accessed Anytime, Anywhere

As discussed before, can be accessed from multiple devices as long as the user knows his or her credentials, i.e., email and password.

They may be far away from home, traveling, working, exercising, or for any other business, they will easily be able to access their files from their hand-held device, or even share them with others if the need arises.

This is one of the core reasons why cloud storage is called the cloud, as clouds are spread all around the world, and similarly, you can access your files from any part of the world with maximum security.

Pros to know for Review

There are a lot of ways you will be facilitated by using Some of them are as follows:

  • You will not have to worry about the quality of their service.
  • It’s more likely that you will be satisfied than vice versa.
  • Although they will take customer feedback seriously, it probably wouldn’t come to that because most of your needs would be fulfilled flawlessly.
  • You can upload any file with full confidence and not worry about anyone having access to them.
  • That’s only given if you do not log in to your cloud storage from a public device or one that belongs to someone else, or if you do not share your credentials (i.e., email and password) with anyone.
  • will give regular updates to improve your experience with the service.

Cons to know in Review

Whenever there are some pros, it’s only natural that cons follow. In fact, those cons are the very result of the benefits and pros that exist. What I aim to suggest is no one service can be all-beneficial. You may want to consider these cons and decide if they are acceptable to you:

  • Sometimes the processing and storing speed would be too slow for you, depending on your circumstances or requirements (at that very moment).
  • If you are looking for customer support, that is not quite easy to get. You cannot reach out to them whenever you like, and only through email. Even then, there may be times you don’t even get a response due to the influx of emails.
  • This service comes with many bugs and lazy development. Therefore, it may require time to be the perfect app one wants it to be.
  • This service lacks complexity. Too much simplicity to make this app accessible to all compromises on a lot of amazing features it could have had. Review : Pricing To know about

Last, but not least, we need to discuss the pricing of different packages of This must always be put in the clear because a lack of knowledge of pricing often leads to disappointment later on.

That’s because if you do not know the pricing beforehand, you may have to go through inconvenience afterward, e.g., shifting to another service, or paying more than you expect. comes in 2 categories, for individuals, and for teams. Both of them have different pricing with minor differences in the features and facilities provided in the packages. We shall discuss them now in our Review.

Sync for Individuals

The pricing in the individual or professional category are as follows:

  • The first category for individuals is entirely free, where you get 5 GB of storage along with a sync vault and the option to share with others.
  • The second category for individuals is the solo basic and costs $8 per user per month. Along with what’s given in the free category, you get 2 TB of secure storage and advanced sharing and collaboration options.
  • For the last category, solo professional, you need to pay $20 per month per user and you get 6 TB of secure storage and custom branding along with the things provided in the above versions.

Sync for Teams

The pricing and subsequent features in the teams or enterprise category are as follows:

  • For the first category of Sync for teams, aka Teams Standard, you need to pay $5 per user per month 1 TB of secure storage, administrator account, and all of what is discussed above except custom branding.
  • For the second category, Teams Unlimited, you need to pay $15 per user per month, and you get unlimited storage, custom branding, and phone support along with all features of team standard.
  • In the last category, the enterprise version, the price is customized by the team by putting into account the needs and requirements of the client. It provides training options and a minimum of 100 users for the cloud storage, along with a dedicated account manager.


The decision on whether or not you want this service depends entirely on you. However, if you still are a tad bit confused, given the variety of cloud-storage services in the market, you may want to try the free version of, including testing its various features, to see how it works for you. It will surely help you in making a concrete decision.