Landing pages are one of the crucial elements of a website. An attractive and visually stunning landing page can help you convert your audience into customers. It can help you boost up your conversion rates.

However, creating landing pages is not easy and requires a specific set of skills. Most of the time, business owners pay website developers to create a professional landing page for their business website. It requires time and is costly.   

But all of this is eliminated by Leadpages as you can high-end landing pages in minutes using Leadpages. Today, we will discuss leadpages review.  Let’s find out more about Leadpages Review.

How does Leadpages work? An insight into Leadpages Review

Leadpages is one of the most popular software using which you can create landing pages for your website. Clay Collins created Leadpages in 2010. But in 2020, it was sold to a company called Redbrick.

Leadpages eliminate coding and have a simple drag and drop interface which allows you to make your customizable landing pages.

Through Leadpages software, you can create landing pages as you desire, which can help your audience interpret what you mean.

All of the landing pages that you create using Leadpages can be used for your webinars and e-commerce store.

Moreover, Leadpages is not just a leading landing page software. It is much more than that, which we will see in a while.

Leadpages has helped thousands of small business owners to achieve their goals and become successful.

It has over 40,000+ clients, the majority of which have their own business. The software is relatively beneficial for small business owners than the ones having large businesses.

Leadpages Review: Features to know about

Numerous features make leadpages review worth reading. Some of the most top-notch and effective ones are specified below.

  1. Dynamic website builder

As mentioned earlier, Leadpages is more than just a landing page software. It is a reliable and professional website builder. Using Leadpages, you can create your very own website that is guaranteed to get you high-quality leads.

  • You can create websites using Leadpages within minutes.
  • It saves you the cost that you’d otherwise pay to other professional website developers.
  • Moreover, many websites are built using Leadpages.

These are important points to consider while discussing Leadpages Review.

There are hundreds of beautiful templates which allow you to attract customers. The website that is built through Leadpages is fully responsive, which enhances the user experience.

In addition to this, all the templates are just needed to dragged and dropped, which saves you time. You can also customize other things within the templates or can edit using HTML or CSS.

The most amazing feature of Leadpages review is that it consists of pre-built web pages. All of these pre-built web pages can be integrated with your external website.

  1. Faster load speeds

Another feature of Leadpages review is that the web pages built using Leadpages are fully optimized and load within seconds. Slow web pages that freeze or lag unexpectedly can reduce your conversion and hurt your sales.

It is why you need a reliable platform to build web pages for your website. Laeadpages-based websites load 2.4x faster than ordinary websites.  It is a key feature when it comes to discussing leadpages review.

  1. High-performance analytic tools

Leadpages has numerous professional tools, out of which analytic tools are one of them. Through these tools, you can view how well your website is performing.

You can view the things that are aiding you to generate high-quality leads or even view what is reducing your conversions.

  1. SEO optimized websites

As mentioned earlier, Leadpages has several tools. You can optimize your content concerning SEO. SEO-optimized content helps your website to be displayed in Google’s top 3 searched and displayed results.

SEO-optimized websites have enhanced visibility that allows you to earn higher revenue.  You can’t ignore this feature while discussing Leadpages Review.

  1. It helps you build conversion-driven landing pages

Leadpages is popularly known as landing page software. Leadpages has over 130+ landing page templates. All of them are stunning and optimized to help you earn higher leads.

  • All of the templates have a drag and drop interface.
  • You can also drag and drop widgets and set the page layout of your landing pages.
  • You can edit the background and image of your landing page using the page style option.
  • In addition to this, before you distribute your Leadpages-based landing page, the system predicts how well will your landing page perform. What things you can integrate or set in your landing page to make it better.

All of the landing pages are mobile responsive, which helps users comfortably engage with your website regardless of where they log in (device).

  1. 30% faster-landing pages

You will surely love this plus point while reading Leadpages Review. The servers of Leadpages are fast, and landing pages that are built using Leadpages are 30% faster than ordinary landing pages.

High-quality and faster loading landing pages help increase the traffic on your website. As a result, you are able to build a solid and unique identity for your brand or business.

  1. Leaddigits

One of the best features of Leadpages is that it has the feature of Leaddigits. Webinars are conferences that are held over the internet. Often they can be confusing, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But not with Leadpages.

The Leaddigits feature of Leadpages helps webinar attendees to receive notes and presentations of the host. Your existing subscribers can subscribe to your webinars by texting over a specific number.

You must provide the number. It is one of the most crucial and effective features of Leadpages.

  1. LeadLinks

Leadpages also has the feature of LeadLinks. LeadLinks allows you to attach a custom link to your broadcast emails.

When your visitors or customers open your sent mail and click on your given link, they become a subscriber of your webinar.

So, the next time you send emails to your subscribers, these new people also receive your content.

Leadpages Review: Benefits to understand it better

There are several benefits of Leadpages. Some of the most effective and popular ones are specified below.

  • It helps you create a catchy CTA

Call To Action or CTA is a vital part of your website and is often displayed on a landing page. To create them catchily is the most difficult task, as catchy CTAs can grab your audience’s attention. And turn them into frequent buyers.

Leadpages allow you to create visually striking and beguiling CTA. You can edit the font size, text colors and edit the shapes and texture of buttons to make your CTA well defined and beautiful.

In addition to this, you can also add hyperlinks and other links that send your visitors to other web pages that you created using Leadpages review.

  • Productive and professional drag and drop builder

Through Leadpages’s professional drag and drop builder, you can add several features to your landing or web pages.

For example, you can add a video player and calendar to your landing pages to make them aesthetically pleasing.

  • High-quality pop-ups

Leadpages also allow you to create high-quality pop-ups. All of the pop-ups ensure that you earn a higher conversion rate and increase your sales. You just have to edit the text within the pop-up and publish it.

You can also choose when your pop-up should appear. For example, you can select your pop-up to appear after a certain number of visitors have viewed your website or after a certain time delay.

You can also choose a pop-up to appear when users click on a specific link or an image or somewhere specific on your website.

All of the pop-ups can be fully integrated with other platforms such as WordPress or your own landing page.

Aesthetically pleasing pop-ups can help your visitors sign up for your newsletter and can even become your loyal customers.

  • Alert bars

You can also create alert bars to grab the attention of the audience and website on your website. There are four alert bar layouts.

All of them are mobile responsive. You can also edit the text within the alert bars. You can even choose the position of your alert bars.

For example, you can select whether your alert bar remains on top or on the bottom of your website or landing page.

You can also change the color of your alert bar to make it more fascinating. You can even include an opt-in form within your alert bar.

  • You can create a prolific Thank You Page

You can also create a creative Thank You page for your website by using built-in templates. By creating a Thank You Page, you can track your visitors and your leads on different social media platforms.

  • Integrations

Leadpages can be integrated with other software, tools, and platform. Some of them include Google Analytics, amoCRM, Bing Ads, Shopify, AWeber, WordPress, and many more.

Integrations help you integrate Leadpages forms, landing pages, Thank You pages, pop-ups, and more to help your business grow.

The easy integration feature has helped thousands of businesses and business owners to increase the visibility of their brand in the competitive market.

Leadpages Review: PROS

  • Pre-made templates

Leadpages’ known advantage is that it contains a good number of built-in templates. You can use many different kinds of templates that are available on Leadpages.

They help you get more creative with your landing page development.

It can also help you attract more audience. And this audience can ultimately convert into your customers or clients.

  • Easy to use for novice users

Many times, the software is not easy to use, especially for beginners. However, the lead pages do not have this kind of issue.

It is easy to use and manage by the newbies as well. The beginners can learn new things without anything being too much difficult.

  • Provides the Ultimate guide

Before starting anything, having the right guidelines is vital. Another advantage of the lead pages is that it provides basic guidelines for landing pages. 

It helps you deliver authentic and appropriate messages to the audience. This way, it can grow your business or brand.

  • Responsive customer service

Leadpages’ other benefit is its customer service is very responsive. They try to reach out to their customers without delay. It checks and solves the underlying problems.

This feature helps attract and gain more customers for the lead pages. Since the customer service is up to mark, and the environment is also relatively light and easy.

  • Podcasts

The lead pages allow the users to use the option of podcasts. It provides many online and audio guidelines for the users. It can enable them to learn more strategies regarding the growth of their business.

It also provides different marketing lessons which play a vital role in the development of your landing pages.

Leadpages Review: Cons of lead pages

  • A/B split testing tools are not included

Some of the testing tools on the Leadpages software or platform are not available for everyone. Like, the A/B split testing tool.

This tool is not included under the regular subscription. You need to go for the higher levels of subscription to use this tool.

  • A bit pricey

The fact that Leadpages is cheap for monthly subscriptions. But if the tools of lead pages are compared to other apps, it is expensive. The lead pages do allow a lot of features and benefits. But these are costly.

  • Sometimes lagging can occur

Leadpages is quite fast and responsive overall. But the home page can get stuck and slow down. This does not happen all the time.

However, it can occur if the traffic on the site is more than usual. This lagging can sometimes annoy and divert the users or customers.

  • Lack of video tutorials

Leadpages platform has one disadvantage that is the lack of video tutorials. It does not have many videos that can help the users. Especially, many beginners end up getting disappointed due to this reason.

Lack of video tutorials also sometimes slows down user engagement. Since it gets difficult to understand how the functions work.

Leadpages Pricing

Leadpages is the platform chosen by more than 40,000 small businesses. The reason is providing amazing pricing plans. So, here is what you have to pay:

  • The Standard package starts at $37 per month and you can get it for $27 per month if you choose to pay annually. It means that you will be saving $120 per year.
  • The Pro package is the most popular and it starts at $79 per month and you can get it for $59 per month if you choose to pay annually. It means that you will be saving $240 per year.
  • The Advanced package starts at $321 per month and you can get it for $239 per month if you choose to pay annually. It means that you will be saving $984 per year.

In this way, you can get the best services from Leaderpages at the best prices.


The above-specified is a detailed leadpages review. If you are a small business owner and want to increase your conversion rates, or generate high-quality leads, make sure to check out Leadpages.