Creating an entertaining and engaging YouTube video requires a lot of effort and postprocessing. After all, the hard work is worth it when the channel gets more likes, comments, and subscribers. 

The 10- to 15-minute videos we see on YouTube actually are a result of hours of effort in brainstorming, recording, scripting, and editing. 

Certainly, the context of the content matters the most to make a viral YouTube video. But it is also essential how that context is packaged in the form of video, i.e., how the video is edited. 

A good video editing software gives you a chance to narrate your stories. It gives viewers a viewing experience that they will cherish long after they have completed watching the video. 

The software lets you add a unique personality to your multimedia content, making it stand out from the pack.

When it comes to video editing software, there are so many options available in the market. Plus, the editor also needs to check many variables, which are discussed below, to determine if the software is the right fit. 

The video production industry has grown to such an extent that we have got editing software for every need—filmmaking, short stories, animations, etc. 

Whether you have a whiteboard video, full-fledged film, animated video, short film—you will find a specific editor for all of them. 

Similarly, for YouTubers as well, there are very useful editors available. Before we dive into the top 7 best video editing software for YouTube in 2021, let’s discuss how to choose the right editor for the YouTube channel.

How to Choose the Right Editor for Your YouTube Channel

These parameters will help you scout which YouTube editing software is the right fit for you. 

Like any other video production unit, YouTubers also have a set of requirements their editor must fulfill. 

Let’s delve into the rubrics of choosing the right editor for your YouTube channel. 

Get Clarity about Budget and Price

This one goes without saying. The subscription cost of the YouTube video editing software is the first thing that you should check out. 

Depending on your budget, you need to determine how much you can invest in the best YouTube editing software.

Investing too heavily on a software might use up your funds which could have been utilized to promote the content, record the video, etc. 

Learning Curve

Not all YouTube content creators are professional editors or cinematographers. So it goes without saying that not everybody can easily learn the more advanced video editors. 

Therefore, it is important to evaluate whether the video editing software for your YouTube channel is easy to understand and get a handle on.

Advanced Video Editing Capabilities 

Sometimes you may need advanced editing capabilities—such as comprehensive audio control, 360° video, green screen effect, one-click color correction, color grading, multicam recording, etc. Make sure the features that you need are supported by the software. 

Video Formats 

YouTube supports dozens of video file formats. 

The video format your camera records and the format you prefer should affect your choice of YouTube editing software. 

If not, then you might have to convert the video to your preferred file format. In that case, you should then check if the tool supports the conversion. Otherwise, you’ll have to work a lot harder and spend extra hours just converting videos.

Number of Filters, Transitions, and Animations

The right filter can set the perfect tone for your YouTube video. Otherwise, you have to spend hours color grading the video to fine-tune the vibe of the frames. 

Similarly, transitions and animations also play a vital role in improving the storytelling in your YouTube video. 

Therefore, you have to evaluate whether the software can cover the type of filters, transitions, and animations you want to have.

Top 7 Best Editing Software for YouTube in 2021

Taking into account the ideas and points discussed above, we have filtered the top 7 best editing software for you. 

These are all reliable options. You can try them in your editing and see which one fits you best. 

#1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is an advanced video editing software. Its price starts at $19.99/mo.

You can literally transform your conventional and simple videos into movie-like clips.

This software supports all the cameras and file formats available in the market. It also works with other Adobe Creative Cloud products, like Photoshop, After Effects, and more.


  • Clear and flexible user-interface
  • Responsive speed
  • Stable performance
  • Multicamera angles support
  • Works efficiently with other video editing tools


  • Keyword tagging inconsistent for media
  • Requires additional applications sometimes
  • Requires flagship hardware environment for smooth performance 
  • Expensive for fledgling YouTubers on a limited budget 

#2. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a user-friendly video editing software for YouTubers. 

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran YouTuber, you will find many helpful and cool features with. 

Pinnacle Studio is owned by Corel. It gives motion tracking, 360° video editing, and audio ducking features to create stunning YouTube videos.

You can also edit 4K and HD videos. Its drag-and-drop video editor makes this process very smooth.

Further, you also get split screen-video features, screen recorder, multicam editing, and stop-motion video editing with Pinnacle Studio. 


  • Wide range of video editing capability
  • Decent performance speed
  • Multicam editing
  • It lets you edit 360° and VR contents
  • It has a ton of motion effects
  • Precise masking


  • 360° VR implementation is laggy at times
  • Limited motion tracking
  • Expensive for new YouTubers with a limited budget

#3. Lightworks

Lightworks has been in this space for 25 years. Their latest version, 2021.1, is an ideal tool for YouTubers who want to implement cinematic style in their videos. 

Lightworks also gives ready-made social media templates. It also provides royalty-free audio and video content to enhance your videos. 

It has low-resolution proxy workflows for 4K videos. This feature will ensure fast performance and smoothened editing experience. It also lets you export videos up to 4K for YouTube and Vimeo.


  • Smooth timeline editing and video trimming
  • Works on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Robust and stable performance
  • Utilizes 32-bit GPU precision and histogram tool
  • Works with 4K videos 
  • Has a built-in audio and video galleries 
  • Supports drag-and-drop editing


  • Free version only exports videos up to 720p
  • Pro version required for timeline rendering
  • Does not support mobile devices

#4. Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a very popular video editing software nowadays. It is the perfect tool for social media content creators. 

It has 77 million users around the world across 150 countries.

Filmora has great learning and support centers to provide user guides and helpful resources for its users and their audiences. It also supports Mac and Windows. 

With Filmora, you can create custom animation, thanks to keyframing. You can also track objects to create a cinematic experience, thanks to motion tracking. Further, you can perform basic tasks effortlessly with the custom keyboard shortcuts.


  • Pretty advanced video editing software
  • Does not require a heavy hardware environment like other tools
  • Have a solid user base across the internet
  • Reliable guides and customer support
  • It has a set of features that matches a professional video editing software
  • Supports green screen
  • Supports split screen
  • Releases new effects every month


  • Fee plan does not have a lot of advanced features
  • Takes time to learn 
  • Does not have iOS or Android applications

#5. Shotcut

Shotcut is a free editing software for YouTube. It supports 100+ audio and video formats.

It works with a wide range of products so that you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. You can get native editing along with multiformat timelines within the editing interface.

The interface is very clean and the software very well built, so you don’t need a fancy hardware environment to run the editing processes.


  • Excellent set of editing features for a free tool
  • Works seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Supports multiformat timelines
  • Gives you audio controls 
  • Free to use


  • Does not have mobile applications
  • Does not have a smart and innovative interface like other leading software
  • Does not support 360°, VR, and 3D

#6. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro is one of the most popular video editing tools today.

It costs $299.99 and works only on Apple devices. It is an expensive video editing software. But for this price, you are getting the absolute best of the software. 

It is suitable for advanced and comprehensive video editing activities. Final Cut Pro has a superior interface for motion tracking, tagging, audio analysis, and multicam video editing, to name a few.

If you have 360° VR footage or HDR video recorded, this software can render it effortlessly. 


  • One of the best YouTube editing software
  • Tremendous value for advanced video editors
  • Supports 360° video footage
  • Extremely fast performance
  • Works with iPad


  • Only supported in Apple devices
  • Very expensive
  • Stabilization and motion tracking not supported in 360° video 

#7. iMovie

iMovie is another sleek and advanced video editing software for Apple users. It’s free, so if an Apple user finds Final Cut Pro to be an expensive tool, this is the second-best software available for the platform. 

It has a drag-and-drop editor so that creators can create stunning visuals easily. 

You can create, trim, extend, and merge videos using your fingertips. 

It has a ton of effects and filters that can enhance the quality of your YouTube videos, and you get 13 creative and advanced filters to give your videos a cinematic touch with just a click. 

You also get effective soundtracks to add as the background score and make videos more engaging.


  • Smart and advanced audio editing capability
  • Clean and smart user-interface
  • Huge volume of creative movie templates 
  • Rich and engaging themes for fast video editing
  • Advanced color grading 
  • Free to use


  • Does not support 360° video editing
  • Lets you edit two video tracks only
  • Does not have motion tracking
  • Does not have multicam support
  • Works only with Apple devices

Let’s see in the comparison table the tools we have discussed above. 


Ease of Use


Customer Support and Popularity 

Learning Curve 

Free Plan

Supported Platforms

Adobe Premiere Pro CC



Windows, macOS

Pinnacle Studio



Windows, macOS




Windows, Linux, and Mac




Windows, macOS




Windows, Linux, and macOS

Final Cut Pro X



iOS, macOS




iOS, macOS


So these are all the top 7 best editing software for YouTube in 2021. 
Let me know what you think about the ideas and tools shared above. If you have any questions or feedback about any one of them, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below.