Virtual Private Networks, also known as VPNs, have become a secure way for people to surf the internet, especially for people that do not want people or agencies to keep a track of what they are doing, primarily for privacy reasons.

Others also do it to carry out suspicious activity on the internet, like accessing blocked sites or piracy of intellectual piracy, but none of that is commended. There are a bunch of tools available online that allows us to use VPN.

Avast SecureLine VPN is one of such products available on the internet. Given the illegal nature of activities that can be conducted with VPNs, it’s natural for people to associate a bad name with this product, but Avast is a trusted company.

The important question is, does this VPN even delivers what it promises, or what the customers want? Let’s find out more about it in our Avast VPN review.

Avast VPN: What is it and How it Works?

Although we will discuss the product in detail when we delve deeper is the Avast VPN review, for now, it would suffice to know this is a product through which you can surf securely on the internet.

Note that this VPN, along with other VPN services is not VPN in a technical sense, as the servers you make use of our physical servers to do your job, but that has become a common term for such products. Nevertheless, they make your connection secure and private, and that’s all that matters.

The Working of Avast VPN

Before we discuss how Avast VPN works, consider any other VPN products you may have used previously. This will help understand Avast VPN review better. Nevertheless, the procedure wherein you can get a secure connection via Avast VPN is as follows:

  • Once you have installed Avast VPN, you need to turn it on.
  • You should now select the auto-connect option. It is usually on the right panel.
  • In cases where the option may not be available, simply click activate.
  • You can add you favorite or trusted networks.
  • Once you connect to a server, your IP address gets masked.
  • The IP address masking your address is used to reach different websites, so no one actually finds out it’s your computer that’s part of the traffic.

Now that we have a general idea of how SecureLine works, let’s move on to the fundamental discussions of our Avast VPN review. This will give us more clarity regarding this product.

Features of Avast VPN

What fund would be an Avast VPN review with the features of this product? Avast SecureLine VPN has a lot of interesting features that make this product one of the best in this market.

It will be up to you to decide if the features cut out for you or not. Then you may decide if this product cuts out for you or not. The primary features of Avast VPN are as follows:

Automatic and Optimized Connection

With Avast VPN, you get automatically connected to the best server available for you. That means the service compares your internet speed and overall quality throughout all the servers available online, and it chooses to connect you to the server where your quality is the best, overall.

This is a good strategy that optimizes your connections and saves you from the effort of trying out multiple servers every time to find out which one is the best for you.

One Subscription Works for 10 devices

This service allows you to secure a connection over 10 devices. That means, if you buy a subscription, your entire house can benefit from it, as long as all the devices are logged in to the service by the same profile.

Considering that, Avast VPN is a very good and cheap option, and you do not have to restrict yourself to a particular device. Others may also benefit from your subscription whether you are using it at your home or in your office.

Works for All Leading Operating Systems

Initially, services like these were available for Windows only. But recent advancements and push have led this service to be available for all leading operating systems, which include Windows, Android, IOS, and macOS.

This makes it a good service for you because you need not use a different service for each operating system you have, and you can have the same experience regardless of your device or its OS.

You should consider this when comparing other products review with Avast VPN reviews.

Android TV can Also be Accessed

This is a new feature that has recently been introduced by Avast. You can stream any content you want to watch directly on your Smart TV by android, or other TVs securely.

That means you do not have to settle for less, by watching streamed content on your mobile just because they have Avast SecureLine VPN installed on them. This allows you to have a completely cinematic experience.

Masks your IPv4 address Completely

This is probably the biggest feature of Avan VPN and any other VPN service by default. Since you are having a secure connection, you first access another server from the list of servers that are provided by Avast for VPN.

Then you use those servers to surf the web or access any content of your choice, and that completely wraps your IP address under another apparent IP address.

Through this, no one can find out who you really are, and even Avast does not keep tabs on your activity. This means, not even agencies will be able to get your online activity from you or from someone else.

Benefits of Avast VPN

Since there already are so many good VPN products in the market, it can be hard to shortlist the benefits of this product.

But since this is an honest VPN review, we have discussed all the benefits this product could provide you with in detail. This will conclude our core sections of the Avast VPN review:

Fast Browsing in VPN Connection

Since in a VPN connection you actually access the web from another server you connected to, it’s natural for the speed to reduce drastically.

However, that is not the case with Avast, part of the reason you will find out in the next benefit.

For now, the fact should suffice that you get close to a real-time browsing experience, especially if you are in regions that have an Avast VPN server close to you.

Plethora of Servers Available to Choose From

One of the biggest selling points for Avast is that they have a lot of servers around the world. In some countries, they may even have 2 servers available for use.

Moreover, these servers are nicely distributed throughout the globe, so it gives a nice distribution of users and prevents any server from overloading.

That, in turn, gives you a fresh surfing experience, as we discussed in the previous benefit.

You can Access Blocked Content

Not only does this VPN makes your online activity private and secures your connection, but you may also even be able to access a lot of blocked content online.

This may not be a good idea though if the content is blocked in your area for the right reasons. However, as long as freedom of expression is concerned, that will not be a problem since you can access content from anywhere, including a country like China.

you may see that some content is not available even in your optimized server, as it may be blocked there too.

For that, you can keep changing servers manually until you find the right one for yourself. Avast VPN review keeps all your considerations or needs into account.

It is important sometimes to get the content we need that is banned in our location. So, this is where Avast comes to our rescue.

Protects Your Device in a Public Connection

It’s natural to find public Wi-Fi wherever you go, but they are not a safe option in general.

Anyone can hack your device through a public network, so it is really important for you to go secure. An easy way for that is to make use of Avast SecureLine VPN.

Since your IP address is masked, hackers will not be able to track your device even if you are using that Wi-Fi, and it will protect you and your device. It is probably the focal point of Avast VPN review.

Super Cheap Yearly Subscription

Regardless of the complaints of Avast’s pricing, we can safely say that this service is quite cheap.

They provide you will optimal quality and are an organization that’s trusted internationally. Moreover, they provide a super-fast service without tracking you.

Considering that, they have to keep the cost above other pseudo-VPN services. The pricing will be worth the service.

Pros of Avast VPN

You are likely to be at an advantage with the use of this product. It must have become quite clear in the Benefits section of the Avast VPN review. More than that, your experience with this product will be flawless, and you may not need to consider another product, ever. Consider these pros of Avast VPN:

  • Your privacy and safety are guaranteed with this service.
  • You can expect a lot of improvements in this product as time passes by.
  • You are unlikely to find a product that will provide a better experience.
  • Servers from all key countries are available, so you can benefit from every kind of feature.
  • If you are satisfied with their VPN, you can also get a number of other services from Avast like cleanup or the anti-virus, which are also quite cheap.

In the Avast VPN review so far, we have discussed everything good about the product. It may be important to look at some downsides for an unbiased Avast VPN review.

Cons of Avast VPN

Wherever tweaks are made in a product to benefit people in one way or another, there always will be downsides in other domains. That’s why we think it’s important to discuss the cons of this product in Avast VPN review. They are as follows:

  • Avast’s customer service concerning its VPN may not be optimal. Late responses or lack of responses can be expected.
  • They provide a yearly subscription at a minimum, which means you will have to spend at least $59.88 even if you need the product for a while.
  • Since the company keeps logs on data transmission for 30 days, torrenting would not be a good option for you via Avast.

Let’s move over to the pricing section of the Avast VPN review.

Pricing of Avast VPN

If the pricing of Avast VPN is appropriate for you (or not) will be the deciding factor for you in buying this product.

We have had a lot of discussions in the Avast VPN review, but we purposefully left out this to the end. We will discuss that shortly after we discuss the pricing below:

  • You get a free trial of 7-days without having to share your credit card information.
  • One year subscription for $4.99 per month, with $59.88 billed for the first year.
  • Two years subscription for $3.99 per month, with $95.76 billed for first 2 years.
  • Three years subscription for $3.99 per month, with $143.64 billed for first 3 years.

Note that 2-year and 3-year subscriptions cost the same in the long term, so you may choose one of them depending on how long you need the service.

Avast is a trusted company so even if the price seems huge in long term, it is actually quite a reasonable number. that’s about it for Avast VPN review.


As Avast VPN review shows the product may have its ups and downs, but overall, we believe it is a product you must try.

Do not fall for the other products that provide “free” service, because in their cases you have to compromise a lot on quality. Avast VPN review made it clear that this organization will never compromise on quality.