Computers have proven themselves as a breakthrough in technological progress. We have come a long way from vacuum tubes to strong microprocessors, but one thing seems to be consistent regardless of time:

PCs slowing down with time. Since it may happen due to a lot of factors, it’s practically impossible for us to keep our PCs in optimal condition manually, we need to make use of cleanup tools.

One of the leading companies in this domain is Avast. It was established in 1988 and has for long been the leading anti-virus software for all types of operating systems.

Now they have a cleanup tool that goes beyond all that we’ve seen from them before. Let’s have a detailed Avast Cleanup review so you can determine if it is the right product for you.

What is Avast Cleanup & How Does it Work?

Avast Cleanup is an all-purpose tool published by Avast Software s.r.o that’s meant to keep your computer in tip-top condition.

To put it in simple terms, this tool protects your device from malware attacks and computer viruses, clears up junk files and cache, and speeds up your computer. The Avast Cleanup review below will discuss these things in bigger detail.

 All you need to consider is that with Avast Cleanup, your device is completely guarded in all aspects as if it were in Superman’s fortress of solitude. Let’s take our avast cleanup review further.

The Working of Avast Cleanup

Before we move on to Avast Cleanup review, we first need to understand how the software works. Typically, all the cleanup and anti-virus software work similarly but they may have a difference in their approach. Avast Cleanup’s approach is quite unique, so to say:

  • In the first step of Avast Cleanup, you have to do what they call a maintenance scan. The software goes through your computer to indicate any threats or problems. You may manually choose the files for scanning.
  • In the second part, you have to manage background applications. Avast gives you a list of running applications that are not in use, and you can shut them down (or get them deleted).
  • You may also require a cleanup. In this, Avast Cleanup removes all the junk files, cache, and web browser data, so you can free up more space. This may not be required often, though.

Some applications out there may not provide all of these features, while others may provide them, but they may cause some more issues for you. In Avast Cleanup review below we will be discussing how Avast Cleanup fares in the industry (as compared to others).

Features to disuses in Avast Cleanup Review

An important part of the Avast Cleanup review is all the feature the software provides us with. Note that this tool is available for a variety of operating systems, so it may not be possible to discuss the specifics for each operating system, but the features in Avast Cleanup review below will give us a general idea of all the facilities you are provided with:

Removes Unnecessary Junk Files & Bloatware

From time to time, your device gets infested with a lot of junk files, i.e., files that you do not need anymore. They could be files or folders you once saved or installed but have long-forgotten about or could be the remnants of applications that you have uninstalled.

Avast Cleanup is very good at determining those files and folders, and you can get them removed with the click of a mouse.

Can Put Applications on Sleep Mode

Avast Cleanup will also make you aware of the desktop or mobile applications that have not been in use for a while.

Many of them may not be needed, so you can simply delete them to increase the performance of your device, or you could disable them until you will be needing them again.

This is a feasible feature that helps you save space, time, and energy.

Can Clear All Useless Browser Data

Browser data is something we all neglect. From browsing history to cookies and even passwords from accounts that we don’t use anymore. You can easily get them removed via Avast Cleanup.

The alternative process of removing that data from the browser itself can be a tedious task, which may end up in some complications every now and then. However, Avast cleanup makes it easy for you.

Automatic Maintenance & Updates

This is probably the biggest selling point in our Avast Cleanup review. The software uses a routine cycle to scan and maintain your computer. It notifies you whenever it finds a potential problem that you must pay attention to and informs you.

Moreover, it automatically looks for updates for itself and for your computer’s drivers, keeping your computer up-to-date and saving a lot of your time and effort.

Provides Recommendations for Improvement

As you progress through your days, Avast will analyze your machine in detail without bothering you and provide you with all the recommendations to improve the performance and life of your device.

If you make good use of them, your device is sure to survive several years longer, and the time you spend on your device would be all the more worthwhile, because of the smoothness and efficiency of your device.

Benefits of Avast Cleanup Review to know about:

Superficially, it may be hard to understand how Avast benefits us over other anti-malware and cleanup software, after all, they all look the same.

Moreover, none of them shows us a visual of the cleanup (which fundamentally is not possible). Nevertheless, a deep analysis of Avast by a variety of testing labs has made it clear it may be better than others, and we shall discuss it in the Avast Cleanup review below:

Avast Cleanup is a Tested & Trusted Software

Avast has advanced labs of them on to test the quality of their products, and even third-party organizations have attested to Avast’s quality and reliability.

Moreover, this software company has been running for more than a couple of decades, with some of the leading organizations world-wide making use of their products.

So far, it has only shown good results. It’s safe to say that Avast is a company anyone can trust, so this takes away half of the doubts from the Avast Cleanup review.

It Helps Speed Up Your Device

Slow computers and devices are the biggest hindrance for users today, and the primary reason we find the need to use these cleanup tools is to get rid of the hindrance.

Many applications exist that claim to speed up your device, but they end up damaging and slowing it down even more in the long-run, even if they do speed it up temporarily.

Avast uses advanced methods to not go down that road.

Long-Term Use can Prolong Your Device’s Life

As long as your device is regularly checked, cleaned, and protected from viruses, it is guaranteed to have a long life as long as you keep its hardware in optimal condition too.

Avast Cleanup is the ideal product if you wish to witness that scenario. However, make sure you do not overuse this tool, as anything done in access may prove fatal. This is an important point for the Avast Cleanup review.

Works on a Variety of Operating Systems

Although initially Avast only had support for Windows, now it’s software solutions also provide services for other operating systems like MacOS, IOS, and Android.

This is a proof that the support is continuously growing, and with time we could see the support for even more operating systems. That makes things better for people who need different operating systems for their regular use.

Allows You to Manually Inspect the Cleanup Process

One of the biggest selling points for Avast is that it gives you complete control over the cleanup.

It doesn’t even enter the redzone, where you may be at risk of losing precious data, that is, as long as you have backed up your registry.

It will not even select the (task) options to perform that would put you in such a risk. If you still have any fears, you can uncheck them easily.

Pros of Avast Cleanup

In the Avast Cleanup review so far, we’ve looked into the working, unique features, and benefits of this product.

They all contribute to making things easier for the customers. Here are some ways your experience of Avast Cleanup will be worth it:

  • It’s ideal for long-term use because that means you only save up more in the long run.
  • It provides you with maximum protection and respects your privacy.
  • Their customer support is phenomenal as compared to other similar products in the market.
  • You can easily get additional services through Avast other than Avast cleanup.
  • Avast Cleanup review so far makes it clear that it is one of the elite products currently in the market, so it will provide you with an elite experience.
  • This software is quite easy to learn, so even people who are not good give computers and devices can keep their devices safe.
  • As long as you use Avast, you may not need any other product from this domain.

Cons of Avast Cleanup

Note that benefits of a product may very well be subjective. You may be looking for something in a product, but one of its supposed pros may actually be the very opposite of that you are looking for.

This is important to consider, as it will help you determine if the product is right for you or not. Consider the following cons in Avast Cleanup review below:

  • For many people the pricing may be a too high initially. That’s only because they superficially compare it to the other products and their pricing. More on this will be discussed.
  • One month trial period may be too less for people who want to understand this product in depth.
  • It can be hard to explore other options if you start using this product regularly, because it can be a pain to switch cleanup software.
  • Overuse of the product may but strain on your processors and RAMs. This is an important point to consider for Avast Cleanup review.

Avast Cleanup Pricing

This will probably be the most controversial section of our Avast Cleanup Review. Without further ado, however, let’s discuss the pricing plans of Avast Cleanup:

  • You can test Avast for a 1-month free trial.
  • Avast’s yearly subscription is for $49.99.
  • Avast’s 2-year subscription is for $89.99.
  • Avast’s 3-year subscription is for $129.99.
  • You have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

As you can see, if you get a bigger subscription you end up saving more money in the long run. However, you may want to prefer the smaller subscriptions only if you want the product for a while. That’s about it for the Avast Cleanup Review.

Why is Avast Expensive?

Let’s get back to the controversial part of Avast Cleanup review. Now note that even these prices may not be a lot for many, especially if you take the 3-year subscription for this product.

However, for people that do think it’s expensive, they should note that Avast is a trusted company that has been functioning for decades, and they provide their customers will state-of-the-art solutions.

It’s unlikely that you will have any complaints with Avast as compared to other software, because Avast actually does the job correctly.

Other brands may benefit in the short-term, but their products may actually harm your computer if used for too long.

We hope this point also gives you a proper insight in avast cleanup review and why we are following the right facts.


We hope that Avast Cleanup review gave you a good overview of this product. It was impossible to discuss all the subtle aspects of this product in detail, but we pretty much covered everything fundamental for you to decide if this product is the right one for you.

If you are confused between products, you may read other product’s reviews like Avast Cleanup review or use a trial version of various products.